Synergetic Communication Experience


One day experiential workshop which will help you understanding the root causes of communication breakdown and equip you with the tools, knowledge and skills which will help you in becoming an expert communicator.


Our brains are hardwired differently, we think, approach and solve problems in different manners. When people from different walks of life come together, conflicts are bound to happen. This seriously undermines peoples productivity and performance. And it can be solved within 1 day!


Executives, leaders, managers, people from sales, customer service, marketing & finance.


At your designated venue.

Workplace Conflict is a global fact, stresses people and emotionally drains them. Is a financial burden on companies of all sizes.

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  • Typical managers spend 20%-40% of their time responding to employee conflict.
  • Employees spend 2.8 hours/week dealing with conflict.
  • Conflict significantly increases personal stress, which decreases employee engagement.
  • Workplace conflict is a decisive factor in more than half of employee departures and over 90% of cause related terminations.
  • Cost of replacing an employee costs 150% – 200% more than that employee’s total compensation.

But conflict can also be a source of progress and innovation.

  • 31% of those who’ve had conflict training said the training let conflict “get to them less”.
  • 28% said they’re more proactive in addressing situations that involve some sort of conflict.
  • 41% said that it led to a better understanding of other people.
  • 33% found that conflict led to a better solution to some problem or change.
  • 76% of employees have seen a conflict lead to something positive.

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What Do Participants Learn?

  • Discover the Top 3 Reasons why Conflict happens
  • Learn how each individual, including themselves processes information, see’s the world around them and take action with the help of internationally accredited psychometric assessment, Colored Brain™ Communication Inventory and actively participate in the activities to really internalize the learning experience.
  • Understand the underlying motivational drivers for their particular behavior, i.e. 8 Human Emotional Drivers
  • Learn how to setup the 2 Zones required to reduce conflicts and misunderstandings within teams and departments
  • Discover their “default” conflict resolution mode and the only 5 modes required for resolving conflicts in the workplace

What Challenges Are Addressed?


  • Overcoming obstacles: conflict, low initiative & cooperation, blame culture, apathy or low motivation, low trust, average personal effectiveness & success, fear, reactive not proactive, little personal fulfilment.
  • Individual impact: understanding their Colored Brain & Conflict Resolution mode
  • Act intelligently instead of reacting.

Why Chose Our Synergy Experience Program?

  • Individual psychometric assessments
  • Activity based learning through psychological approaches to engrain learning experience.
  • 42% more effective than traditional training.
  • Applied by some of the largest and fastest growing organizations in Asia & Middle East, like: Saleh & Abdulaziz Abahsain Co. Ltd., Etisalat, Emirates, Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited, Industrial Supplies Development Co. Ltd., Advance Machinery Est., Cisco, Toyota, MTV, National University of Singapore, Microsoft, National Supply Trade Est., and more.
  • Accredited by the prestigious American Institute of Business Psychology.
  • Based on Directive Communication Psychology.
  • Distinguished Member – American Leadership Development Association.
  • Conducted by Mr. Fahad Khalil, Certified Directive Communication Psychology Practitioner, Master Facilitator, Consultant and Trainer.

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