Become a Certified Professional Trainer


Program Overview

Certified Professional Trainer Program is not just a certification program, it’s our Mission.

“We want to empower 100,000 people become great leaders and teachers”.

 Because the World really needs High Quality, Educated, Professional Leaders, Teachers and Change Makers.

 Leaders and Teachers with Ethical, Moral and Core Values to help mold the Next Generations.

 It’s more of a Responsibility and Calling than just a great profession. 

It’ a Change Maker in the overcrowded, noisy and substandard, sheep herding “Train The
programs available in the market.

What You Can Expect 

  • Feelings of Fulfillment, Meaning and Purpose
  • Feelings of Contribution, Impact and Influence
  • Higher Incomes in days, weeks and months than you are used to earning in years.


The world we used to know doesn’t exist anymore.

The Old Models and Templates we used to operate from have become Obsolete.

The world needs Great Leaders more than ever.

Great Leaders are also Great Teachers.

They Inspire, Educate, Influence, Nurture People Minds and Hearts.

They Move people in the Right Direction.

And the Job of the Leader doesn’t end there.

A True Leader is someone who creates more Leaders.

That is what we are doing through this program.

This is our mission – We want to empower 100,000 individuals become leaders and teachers in
their space.


Specialized Paths



              Communication & Relationships

              Personal Grooming

              Home Schooling


              Income Creation


What’s Included

·       7 Days Live (Online) Training spread
across 2 Weeks

·       Weekly Inner Circle Coaching Calls

·       Self Evaluation Tool to Identify and
bring out your Unique Teaching and Leading Path

·       Achievement Accelerator Formula is our
proven roadmap to help you Get Clarity, Confidence, Motivation and Keep you on
Track for Ensuring Success

·       Unshakeable Camera Confidence to empower
you with Persuasion, Influencing and Conviction of Speech in any setting, groups,
121, media appearances, teams and at home.

·       Your Brand Positioning

·       Impactful Program Design

·       Online Influence Building

·       Online Systems Setup

·       Online Traffic Blueprint

·       Selling Through Webinars



This journey is not for everyone.

It requires willingness and commitment to your personal transformation first because only then you can
transform others.

It’s for you if you have are a great observer and you believe things, processes and people
can be improved.

You are not driven by ego, yet want to teach, coach, consult, mentor, counsel from your

You just wish that everyone could become a self-learner because the conventional education
system is out-dated, inefficient and does not prepare people for real life situations.

This is for someone who has experienced real pain in the way the world works and has an
insatiable desire, a never-ending commitment to fix it.



Unlike the typical 3-7 day programs, we offer a lifelong relationship on this journey, to
work along side with us and be a significant contributor on our mission.

The training is done online, through live and recorded sessions, with assignments and tasks
to complete.

You become part of a Community of likeminded people on a mission.

 You get to practice live in groups and 121 sessions to help nurture and empower your

mindset, confidence and clarity.

Business development training, coaching, courses and programs to ensure your success as
an independent change maker, influencer, leader and teacher.


Digital Marketing strategy, systems, client attraction, recruitment and retention.


We give you all + We hold you accountable.


If you resonate with the message, Contact Us and begin your journey of transformation.