Colored Brain Communication




  • What Color is Your Brain and How is it Affecting Your Communication Skill?
  • Is your communication helping… or hurting you?
  • How you think is how you speak…do you know your own genetic thinking style?
  • How can you avoid miscommunication that causes costly mistakes?
  • You thought you were clear while communication, yet people don’t seem to get you! Why?
This workshop strives to cover the foundation and concept of communication through discovering of self. You will do the Colored Brain Communication Inventory to uncover your Colored Brain. It will be a revelation to understand yourself at a deeper level and unleash the greater potential in you.
Watch a Short Video of Colored Brain Workshop Experience
  • Learn the foundation of brains genetic style of processing information
  • Learn about the Colored Glass Syndrome
  • Complete the Colored Brain Communication Inventory (a Psychometric Profiling Tool) and discover your personal profile, strengths and weaknesses in communication
  • Identify others Colored Brain type and develop powerful communication strategies
  • Develop skills to ask effective questions
  • Convert negative feedback into positive responses
  • Stop feeling bad or hurt once you identify others Colored Brain type
  • Eliminate misconceptions about others

Workshop Delivery

The workshop is delivered in a fun and engaging way consisting of Important Concepts, Group Exercises, Quizzes, Projects, Role Playing Activities and more.

Requires a minimum of: 1 Day (inclusive of breaks).

Who Should Attent

The application and benefits of Colored Brain communication have been observed in:

  • Relationships
  • Coroporate
  • Groups
  • Teams

Can be applied in all aspects of our society:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Business
  • Families

Managers, Team Leaders, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Technical & Specialists, Professionals & Consultants, Public Relations & Spokespeople, Business owners & Entrepreneurs, Supervisors & Executives.

Anyone who wants to improve their communication, influencing skills and overcome interaction barriers.

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