Leadership Development

The Hero’s Way Leadership Development Journey supports a full spectrum of leadership skills for Leaders at all Levels and nurtures a leaders attitude. We at Y Potential understand that leading an organization is a powerful experience with extraordinary responsibility. Top leaders play an exceptional role in the growth and success of organizations. That’s precisely why they need to excel in new ways. The challenges of leadership are profound, complex and indispensable to get right.

Through the awareness of the Psychology of Group Dynamics, leaders going through this journey will enhance their own “Leadership Identity” and have the tools required to inspire and move people to action and superior results.

What Do Participants Learn?

  • Develop self awareness at a deeper, more meaningful level.
  • Understand how we affect and are affected by our environment.
  • Enhance influencing and communication skills with boards, shareholders, partners & important stakeholders.
  • Develop exceptional personal and organizational leadership.
  • Understand what really drives them and others through the 8 Human Emotional Drivers.
  • Develop coaching skills.
  • Learn to balance & sustain their own energy through Mind & Body connection.

Who Should Attend Hero’s Way Leadership Program?

  • C-level & senior executives in the top tiers of the organization.
  • More than 10 years of management experience & leadership responsibility for 100+ people.

What Challenges Are Addressed?

  • Strategic: setting & realizing vision, direction & goals.
  • Individual impact: understanding their leadership identity & adjusting leadership style
  • Leading across levels, silos, cultures, backgrounds & interests.
  • Overcoming obstacles: low initiative & cooperation, blame culture, apathy or low motivation, low trust, average personal effectiveness & success, fear, reactive not proactive, little personal fulfilment.
  • Act intelligently instead of reacting.

Why Chose Hero’s Way Leadership Program?

  • Individual psychometric assessment
  • Individual leadership development in the context of advancing the business.
  • Activity based learning through psychological approaches to engrain learning experience.
  • 42% more effective than traditional training.
  • Applied by some of the largest and fastest growing organizations in Asia & Middle East, like: Etisalat, Emirates, Cisco, Toyota, MTV, National University of Singapore, Microsoft and more.
  • Accredited by the prestigious American Institute of Business Psychology.
  • Based on Directive Communication Psychology.
  • Distinguished Member – American Leadership Development Association.
  • Conducted by Certified Directive Communication Practitioner and Trainer.


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