What’s the Hero’s Way Leadership Development Program

Watch this short video to learn about our Hero’s Way Leadership Development program that has been applied by some of the largest and fastest growing organizations in Asia & Middle East; like Etisalat, Emirates, Cisco, Toyota and many others.

Based on Directive Communication ™ Psychology, our program has also been accredited by the prestigious American Institute of Business Psychology.

We use our proprietary tools to achieve 42% better results compared to traditional trainings.

Our programs focus on the full scope of human interaction in groups and therefore have multi faceted outcomes relating to individuals and their interrelated relationships with their peers, subordinates and superiors throughout the organization.

If you require a greater focus on one specific area, we can customize each program to suit your specific needs in 1 or 2 days, but our 3 or 5 day programs will effectively enhance most or all areas of potential in your organization and ultimately enhance Organizational Culture Branded programs like “THE HERO’S WAY” and TeamColor.

We apply Directive Communication™ methodology in our trainings to achieve transformational result.

Directive Communication™ is a training and Organizational Development psychology that affects how people act and react in groups and teams. It is a foundational science for influencing team dynamics to cultivate high performance cooperative work cultures and leadership across any discipline within an organization.

The Directive Communication methodology incorporates the latest breakthroughs in motivational and genetic psychology, and applies them in improving personal peak performance, groups and corporate culture, Team Development and workforce enhancement, and in high yield training development.

For proposal request/scheduling, we invite you to contact us:

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► Phone: +92-302-8200-624
► Web: ypotential.com

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